ANST - Battle of Three Kings

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Sun Aug 2 08:58:25 PDT 1998

this is a shamless plug for this event.

Unto all feudal vassals I Edward I, Hammer of the Scots, King of
England,Ireland, and Scotland do require you to submit your feudal levy
as we once again will trample the Scots under our feet.This time we will
brake the back of these backward people. I entice all mercenaries with
money and rank and estates in Scotland. You will be given these estates
before we enter scotland. I will not rest unitl the Bruce is put down
and his head sits upon a pole on my tower in London and his body cut and
spread to the four corners of my realm. Join me at Battle of Three Kings
Nov 13th -15th in the shire of Rosenfeld. Riches estates, and killing
scots will be your reward.

this is a shamless plug for Battle of three Kings Nov 13-15th in the
shire of rosenfeld. We will be recreating the Scottish Wars of
Independence. Our Commanders are as Follows:
Robert the Bruce                (HRM Sir Barn Silveraxe)
William Wallace                 (Duke Michael of Monmouthshire)
Edward I (Hammer of the Scots)  (Sir Karl der Gangr)
Edward II                       ( Sir Reitter Deitrich)
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