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Franchesca Havas ches at
Sun Aug 2 22:59:55 PDT 1998

I was there on saturday and it was hot but great! Llywelyn will be elevated
to the Companions of the White Scarf at Elfsea Defender, two new centurions
were made, Stella received her Iris of Merit, Philip White received many
thanks for many things and a sable thistle for dance, Elin the Timid
received her sable thistle for lace making, Fritz donated 44 kingdom
insignia of sable thistles made from scapped laurel insignias, there were
many, many more awards that you all can fill in the blanks for me.

I was not there on Sunday so I do not know who got what then. Sorry I could
not give you all the name of the new Warlord and his Queen of beauty, I
cannot remember their names. :(

Archery set up was beautiful!

There was challenge about a pound block of amber for the winner of a future
bardic......anyone remember where from? The heat had just about eaten my
name recognition skills by then.

The most notable to me was that the Children's a&s was very heavily
attended, Vivat to our most sacred treasure, Ansteorra's Children, our


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