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Mon Aug 3 07:19:23 PDT 1998

Darius said:

> Sir Gunther Jonsson is the Kings Champion
Let me sing praise of Gunther, member of the Chivalry of Ansteorra.

The Champions list started with a Grand Melee, all fighters on the field 
and fighting one another.  The last one standing received ten stones. 
 The next to last received five stones.  All others received three 
stones.  After that, there was one hour of challenge matches, with no 
challenge to be refused.  The loser of a challenge would give one of his 
stones to his opponent.  Gunther offered HALF his stones, no matter how 
many he had, for one stone from his opponent.  He lost only one bout.  In 
his final fight with Centurion Miguel,  they both wagered their entire 
hoard.  Gunther ended up with over fifty stones, and the nearest others 
had around twenty.  Though many lost bout and stones, there was not one 
that lost honor that day.  It was truly a field of chivalry, and a member 
of the Chivalry rose from it to become the King's Champion: Sir Gunther 

> Due to severe brain Baking I have forgotten the Name of the New Kingdom
> Warlord

This was Sir Aaron MacGregor.  His lady, I am told, is Britta MacGregor.

> The one pound Block of Amber is being offered as a prize for
> Wiessenfeuer's Title Bard over Labor day weekend

Really.  No one would like it.  It's a long drive.  It will be too hot or 
too cold that weekend.  The amber will be too heavy to carry around. 
 Just stay home, and I'll take care of it for you... ja-ja, for sure.


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