ANST - West. Reg. Arts & Sciences RLPortwood at
Mon Aug 3 11:14:18 PDT 1998

I would like to give Lady Adelaide a big VIVAT!!! for all her hard work and
success at the Western Regional A&S.  It was a great event.  Adelaide, you did
a magnificent job as always.

Vallust and I would also like to thank Bodac (sorry if the spelling is wrong)
and his lady for their generosity.  It seemed that we had a terrible time
getting away to get lunch.  They fed us and our children and we appreciate it
so much.  He refused to be reimbursed.  It's people like you two that make the
Western Region great.  There are bad apples in this game that we play and
sometime the bad things are all we can think about.  But, please take time to
notice the good things such as this.  


Mistress Ascelyn 
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