ANST - Lost and Found: Kingdom Warlord/King's Champion

G.R.Rhine PenGwen at
Mon Aug 3 15:18:33 PDT 1998

Greetings from the Stewards of Kingdom Warlord/ King's Champion

The weather was hot, the well was dry, but Ansteorra doesn't let that 
stop them from having a grand time! We would like to thank everyone 
for attending the event this weekend. We hope all of you had as 
wonderful a time as we did. Thanks for making it a success!

We have found things which have been lost. If 
you are the owner, or know the owner of the following items, please 
contact Lady Afan Elystan (PenGwen at or Mistress Stella 
Silvana (Elfsea at about said items.

In Humble Service,

HL Mara of Rede
Lady Afan Elystan
Stewards: Kingdom Warlord/ King's Champion

Lost and Found list:

black leather jack (mug)
green scarf
bag of tent stakes
2 pair eye glasses
wooden bowl
black directors chair
rattan sword
gold metal broach

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