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Let it be known that I, Willow de Wisp Chief of Clan Caldal, does not
stand with the False Robert de Bruce. We of the western hill only follow
those of the old blood, not some Norman pretender with the blood of the
Red Comyn still red on his hand. Who can support a man who murders at the
foot of God's altar? The "de Bruce" family, a french name, has been
unfaithful to the cause of Scotland since they  came to Scotland with
King David. The de Bruce would not stand with Scotland at the"Battle of
Cuton Moor" in 1138.  When KIng Baliol sought to free Scotland from the
English, the De Bruce would not stand with Scotland. When Wallace lead
the cause, this de Bruce plundered the lands of Wallace's supporters and
carried off their wives and children. This de Bruce has been much loved 
by the English and high in their councils even to the point of being
consulted on the pacification of Scotland.  The de Bruces have been true
to Scotland only when it suited them. They have been true to their word
only as long as it benefited their plans. We of the Western isles and
hills have been free. Our land our own. We have not owned homage or duty
to any king. De Bruce brings together an army. With what will he pay such
a gathering. His land and the land of the other Norman families in the 
South?  I think not. I think he will look to the North and the West. To
the lands that all Scottish kings have tried to take. He will look to our
homes. De Bruce will look to lands he plundered before. Be careful, the
freedom of de Bruces could be the yoke of slavery. Edward of England 
promised lands. Lands given before the battle. He has gold and gifts but
best of all he lives far away. The distance enemy is often the best.
Edward will guarantee our lands give our clans charters. He will protects
us from the Scottish KIngs. Edward offers true freedom for those of the
Western isles and hills.  I will offer from my own dowery gilf to those
who will join my banner and fight for indepenance of the Western isles
and hills.

signed this day.
Duchess Willow de Wisp
Chief of the Clan Caldal  
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