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Mon Aug 3 09:37:16 PDT 1998

Greetings Unto: The populace
We had a real nice turn out for the event. 
I would like to thank all of the teachers for educating others. It went
rather well. 
There were a few other people I would like to recognize and give my heart
felt thanks to them for what they did for me.

Lord Gerald the Herald, HL Agnar Thorvaldsson, Squid (Ian), Treeslayer,
Ed,  HL Ulrica Bronwynsdattir, Lady Eleanor de Broke, Mistress Ascelyn
Balstene, Mistress Evelyn du Monde, Lord Chiang Ti Lung, Lord Gavin
MacIan, Keifer and Clinton (children) for all their hard work.

Lady Maryanna of Crossroads Keep for getting a wonderful site. 

HL Rosario InCarboni (his two helpers Dusty & Sarah) and Mistress Meadhbh
and all the servers and clean up crew for doing the feast.

Lady Genevieve de Courtanvaux, Lord Thorbjorn Sigrunsson, Lady Safiye ap
Griffith and Lady Rebekka for handling the children's activities.

Lady Safiye ap Griffith, Mistress Kalida, Mistress Reginleif, and of
course my Lord -HL Samuel Carrillo for checking on me from time to time
to make sure I was keeping my wits about me.

I really appreciate you all. 
Love, HL Adelaide  

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