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Tue Aug 4 10:03:17 PDT 1998

I consider myself still squired to my Knight, even though he squired me in
1979.  My Knight (Mahji McFurguie, the last Knight of the Barony of Isles of
Caid) passed away in 1980 of cancer.  I still sqire for those that have no
access to their sqires in his name and memory, but I have not fought for
many years.  Next year (simple math) is my 20th year as a squire in the
service of the realms and my 25th year in service to the SCA.

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> usual,  I thought I would take the direct approach and just ask.  If you
> know of a squire, could you please let me know who they are, where they
> are and who they are squired to.  Thanks in advance.  Also, I don't know
> Sir Alexis LaBouche

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