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Metoo and I was squired in '85  Hmmm maybe we should start the "Aulde
Squires Guild"...


>I consider myself still squired to my Knight, even though he squired me in
>1979.  My Knight (Mahji McFurguie, the last Knight of the Barony of Isles of
>Caid) passed away in 1980 of cancer.  I still sqire for those that have no
>access to their sqires in his name and memory, but I have not fought for
>many years.  Next year (simple math) is my 20th year as a squire in the
>service of the realms and my 25th year in service to the SCA.
>Ld. Crispin Starblade of Ansteorra - Bryn Gwlad
>(formerly; Ld. Fox of the Mellow Marsh of Caid - Isles)
>      Karin Höijer-Purtill : Artist
>Fox Anton Purtill : Programmer/Web Design
>  blackfox at / khoijer at
>> usual,  I thought I would take the direct approach and just ask.  If you
>> know of a squire, could you please let me know who they are, where they
>> are and who they are squired to.  Thanks in advance.  Also, I don't know
>> Sir Alexis LaBouche

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