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Thu Aug 6 20:57:43 PDT 1998

>Does any one have any information on Stargate baronial. All I know is that
it is the second weekend of Sept. I have a newbie who would really like to
go but I have no information.. any good gentle that can help please.. 
>Lady Kyrstyn 
>Kimberly Dawn (kimi)

Here's most the Stargate Baronial Championship info I got from the August
Black Star ———

Sept 11-13

The chivalric list will be run at the discretion of Duke Jean Richard

The rapier list will consist of a swiss five run by Don Wolfgang von dem
Hoffen, at the pleasure of Her Excellency.

The first ever Stargate Equestrian List will be a test based solely on
skill (not speed) overseen by Sir Alexis LaBouche.

Our Archery Challenge will be a "novelty combat shoot" (bows and crossbows,
arrows and bolts must be Ansteorran legal! 30# @ 28" and 1/4" dia. head. NO
3/4" BLUNTS.)

A&S will be both popular vote and judged. Documentation required.

A spacious, air-conditioned hass and comfortable tree-shaded camp await!

All merchants welcome.

Our event will be held at Wolters Park in Shulenburg, Texas (due west of
Houston). Site opens at 3pm on Friday the 11th. The site is a public park,
so we request banners, ice chest covers and anything else that will enhance
the general appearance. There will be cold water showers and flush toilets
on site. This site is discreetly wet in period container.

Feast will be a scruptious affaire consisting of grilled steaks cooked to
order by Lord Other Morganson and sauteed mushrooms, breads & herb butter,
glazed carrots, onions and other fresh vegetables.

Site fee: $7 for adults, #3.50 for children 5-12 years old.
Feast fee: $6 for adults, $3 for children 5-12.
A vegetarian platge is available for $3.

Master Arachna the Red will be providing breakfast both Saturday and Sunday
free of charge.

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