ANST - Gulf War transport, anyone?

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Aug 6 21:24:51 PDT 1998

I was talking with my travel agent the other day and he became quite interested 
in putting together a trip to Gulf War for us. The two options we discussed were:

1. A buss starts in San Antonio, goes up I35 to Dallas. Then we fly from Love 
field in Dallas to Hattiesburg. A buss takes us to the site (20 miles south, I 

2. A buss starts in Dallas, comes down I 35 to San Antonio and then out I10. 
The buss takes us all the way to the site.

In both cases, yes, they know we will be carrying edged weapons (they must 
be in the baggage area). Yes, they will have space for our tents and such.

The buss would take a full day (like 20 hours) to get there from Dallas. If we 
take the plane, we can do it overnight.

We discussed having 2 such trips. One for those who want to be there when 
the site opens and one for those who will come up on Friday. That would, of 
course, depend on getting enough folks on BOTH trips.

Payment would be required as much as 6 months in advance. Prices would be 
great, however. Perhaps as low as $200 round trip if we used the plane. I do 
not know how much taking just the buss would be. $75?

So, is anyone interested enough that I should pursue this and get real prices? 
Will you really be able and willing to pony up $200+ in October?

Who would prefer the buss? Who wants the plane? Would you go up Friday, or 
as soon as the site opened (is that Tuesday this year?)? Once I have some 
numbers, I can try to work a deal.

Don Dore
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