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Sharon Palkowetz vivaine at
Fri Aug 7 06:27:38 PDT 1998

A quickie reminder that the Perseids Meteor shower (and the anniversary
of death
of St. Laurence, patron saint of Brewers) will begin this next week.  It
starts Tuesday night and will probably go to Wednesday, the best night
Tuesday.  Because the Moon will be rising around midnight, late night
which would normally yeild the most 'falling stars' will wash out most.
time...between 10 and midnight and get as far from the city lights as

Remember to be watching in the East/North East for the planets Venus and
Mars to
perform thier sky dance. They were in tight conjuction on August 5th,
and will
spread apart in the coming days.

Dont miss natures FREE entertainment!

Your Humble Seer
Vivaine Tårnfalk
Barony of Elfsea
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