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Gillilan, W. Anthony PALADIN at
Fri Aug 7 20:00:38 PDT 1998

I am trying to track people down so I can send them an invitation to Mooneschadowe guardian XVIII. These are the people that I am not sure if I have the correct addresses for. If anyone knows their correct address or mundane name, or even if they have stopped playing, I would greatly appreciate the information.

Don Eadric of Wolfstar
Ly Shelena of Wolfstar
Ld Luciano de Sparrio
Ly Dierdre Lasairiona ni Raghailligh
Don James Navarre
HL Fylean inn Raudi
HL Timothy
HL Theresa
Mistress Rosalind d'Angleterre
Ld Arlen Tyrell MacWard
Mistress Anastasia Marie Trevarra
Richard of Nottingham
Ly Isabella Jaqueline de Marsailles
Thorvald Egilsson
Ainar Magnusson
Ld Elric Dracwine
HL Robert Fitzmorgan
Ld William the Lost
Baron Andreas Snowdragon
Duke Charles Inman MacMoore
Duchess Athena MacMoore
Sir Jonathan MacNaughton
Baroness Robyn Murchada
Baron Sir Arthur of the Fen
Sir Gunther Jonson
Baroness Gitana de Castile
Centurion Colin O'Neill
Master Pepin de Moronis
Sir Conrad of Castleton
HL Martin Jaeger
HL Thyra of Black Oak Keep
Duke Kein 
Duchess Alisha
Count Mahdi
Vicountess Megan & Master Orm

Thank You for your assistance, good gentles of Ansteorra,

Ly Gilyan Clonmacnoise
Co-Autocrat for Mooneschadowe Guardian XVIII

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