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Sun Aug 9 11:13:25 PDT 1998

On Sun, 09 Aug 1998 17:58:31 GMT, larkin at (Larkin O'Kane)

I have now acquired a bag (pillow case, really) of items that are
looking for their owner.  Don't ask how they finally arrived in my
possession because I really don't know.  It looks as though some of them
might have been from Gothic VI.  Items:  
(1) a right hand gauntlet with the thumb held on by a piece of red
chord. Designed to be worn over a glove.
(2) a left hand gauntlet consisting of a welders glove with metal clam
shell finger and thumb protection.
(3) a pair of plier (4") with red tool grip on the handles.
(4) a fighter authorization card belonging to Lady Vanora Villon de
Paris  (Hi Vanora)
(5) a lady's blouse (shades of red and brown) by "Tomorrow's Dream"
(6) a pair of calfskin leather gloves with a 3" leather extension sewn
on them (possibly a rapier fighter's gloves)
(7) a leather half gauntlet (knuckle protector?), leather with 1/4" open
cell foam padding.

That's it folks.  If any of this belongs to you let me know how to get
it to you.  [FOB San Angelo, TX]  or you can pick it up at either King's
Lancer  or Gothic VII.

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