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Alexis drwise at
Mon Aug 10 11:13:12 PDT 1998

Well here's the results to date on the information I have collected. 
Please excuse any mispellings and lack of, or incorrect, titles.  If you
send me revisions, I will amend them accordingly.  I also have email
addresses for a number of people, but have not included them to save
space (and my fingers).  Here's some observations:

avg. number of squires (of knights with at least one squire listed): 3.2

most number of squires:  Hrabia William Miesko (Bear)- 12

by region: 	Central- 17
		Coastal- 15
		North- 24
		South- 27
		West- 16
		Out of kingdom- 5
		Unknown- 4

Number of lady squires: 10 (my guess based on names)

The places to be for a good fight (based on the number of squires):
Bryn Gwlad- 16
Weisenfeuer- 10
Elfsea- 8

Here's the list:

HL Agnarr Thorvaldson			HE Doran		Crossroads Keep
Ainar Magnusson				Sir Balvin		Northkeep
Cen. Airaklee Wolf			HG Jonathon  		Elfsea
HE Alaric Drake				HE Mahadi		Bonwicke
Ld Alaric Iarngard von Thorn		HE Burke		Moonschadowe
Alaric Styrr				HG Kein			Bryn Gwlad
Ld Aldebaron the Grey			HE Bear			Loch Soillier
Aldric de Kerr			Sirs Barn, Hildebrand and Burke	Moonschadowe
Aldrick					(Aten knight)		Elfsea
Cen. Alfredo Halcon			HE Jan			Bjornsburg
Cen. Almar Bjarnko			HE Kief			Steppes
Ld Almric des Estoilles			HE Cyf			Bryn Gwlad
Alwyn					?			Bryn Gwlad
Andrew de Saint Michael(Scarheart)	HE Bear			Stargate
Anton					Sir Corwin		Fynnan Gath
Ld Asoph Hearts				Sir Daffyd		Weisenfeuer
Ayelwolf Shiningaxe			Sir Richard		Bjornsburg
Azelais de Bourdelais 			HE Axel			Elfsea
HE Bors of Lothian			Sir Rurik		Loch Soillier
Bren					Master Daniel		?
Ldy Britta MacGregor			HG Inman		Blacklake
Ld Caladin Ironheart			HG Kein			Bryn Gwlad
Cameron de Blakstan			Sir Daffyd		Brad Leah
Ld Chiang				Sir Asad (Outlands)	Bonwicke
Cen. Colin Oisin Donovan ui Niall	Sir Jonathon		Northkeep
Connor Blackhawk			Sir Hildebrand		Weisenfeuer
Ld Crispin Starblade			Mahji McFurgie		Bryn Gwlad
Damien					HE Doran		Meridies
Ld Daniel Thorfinson			Sir Conrad		Adlersruhe
HL Donal O'Dochartaigh			HE Finn			Bryn Gwlad
Dougal					Sir Lance		Elfsea
HE Elisabeth of Castleton		HG Michael		Weisenfeuer
Eric Aethelwolf of Grimsby		HE Bear			Bonwicke
Evets					Sir Corwin		Fynnan Gath
Frederick				HG Kein			Bryn Gwlad
Ld Geoffrey Sparhauk			Sir Conor		Steppes
Ld Giotto di Giovanni			HE Henri		Graywood
Ld Gregory				HG Inman		Bonwicke
HE Gunhilda				Sir Hildebrand		Moonschadowe
Hakon Blackheart			Master Daniel		?
Ld Hengist Redhand			HE Galen of Bristol	Elfsea
Hersir Thorgrim Bjornson		HM Barn			Northkeep
Don Horoun ibn Khalid abd Al-Rhaman	HE Finn			Stargate
Ld Ivan the Hedgehog			HE Kief			Ravensfort
Ld James laCrane			Sir Bryon (Aten)	Drachenvald
Ld Jehan d'Aigle			HG Kein			Brywn Gwlad
Ld Johann Gunnbjornsson			HM Barn			Wastelands
Johannes der Lowen von Augsburg		HE Bear			Stargate
Ld John of Severn			HE Pendaron		Bryn Gwlad
HL Jonathon ap Morgan			HE's Bear and Kief	Bryn Gwlad
HL Just Rick Allison			HE Jan			Bjornsburg
Kael					Sir Corwin		Fynnan Gath
HM Katrionna MacLochlainn		Sir Hildebrand		Weisenfeuer
Konrad Lothair von Engelstein		HE Mahadi		Tempio
Konstantin Synchellus			Sir Dieterich		Tempio
Kris Bjornson				HE Bear			Stargate
Kurt von Kohler				HE Doran		Tempio
Magnus Fine Hair Duffas			Master Daniel		?
Marion du Masse				Sir Lyonel		Bryn Gwlad
HL Mark von Mintz			HE Burke		Moonschadowe
Ldy Meliora Rhydderch			HE Galen Kirkenbauer	Loch Soillier
Cen. Miguel Sebastian de Oporto		HG Jonathon		Steppes
Morgan Ironheart			HE Bear			Meridies
Cen. Mu of Samarkand			HE Bear			Gate's Edge
HL Orianna Valentina Corbizzi		HE Bear			Weisenfeuer
Orion Starcross				Master Daniel		?
Ld Orrick Longtooth			HE Doran		Emerald Keep
Ld Osgar				HE Burke		Weisenfeuer
Ld Othar Morgenson			HE Bear			Stargate
Ozymandias Breakstock			Sir Maximillian		Bonwicke
Ld Phelan				HG Kein			Bryn Gwlad
Phillip l'Heureux			Sir Lyonel		Bryn Gwlad
HL Ragnar Larsson			HE Bear			Weisenfeuer
Ld Randall der Krieger			HG Patrick Michael	Bryn Gwlad
Ld Reiker				HG Patrick Michael	Seawinds
Ld Rhys ap Llewellyn			HE Pendaron		Bryn Gwlad
Roger Redhand				HG Jonathon		Lindenwood
Cen. Romanus Scipio Vesparanius		Sir Dieterich		Bordermarch
HL Rosario Carboni			HE Kief			Mendersham
Ld Samuel Carrillo			HE Mahadi		Blacklake
Ld Seamus McDuff			Sir Lance		Blacklake
Ld Seamus Swordbreaker			Sir Gunther		Elfsea
Ld Sean de Lir				HE Pendaron		Bryn Gwlad
Sigrun					Sir Hildebrand		western region
Ld Soren				Sir Gunther		Elfsea
HL Stephen Clifford			Sir Hildebrand		Weisenfeuer
Cen. Talen Gustaf von Marienburg	HE Burke		Moonschadowe
Ld Talon of Blackoak			Sir Bryon (Aten)	Middleford 
HE Theodric Affhaim			HE Mahadi		Tempio
Thorvald Bjeornsson			Sir Daffyd		Brad Leah
Ld Thorvald Egilson			Sir Jonathon		Northkeep
Cen. Timotheus Kranidious		HG Michael		Ravensfort
Ld Tjorky				Sir Aaron		Blacklake
Cen. Tor				HG Michael		Weisenfeuer
Cen. Treschen von Asselen		HM Barn			Moonschadowe
Ld Tristan of Starlake			HE Cyf			Drachenwald
Ld Ulliam				HE Doran		Mendersham
Ld Ulstead the Unsteady			Sir Rhodri		Loch Soillier
Vaclav Namatko (Random)			HE Bear			Stargate
Ld Valdemar				HG Michael		Weisenfeuer
HL Vallust Ballstein			HG Inman		Bonwicke
Ldy Vanora Villon de Paris		HE Galen of Bristol	Atlantia
Vigen Gullfoxey				HM Barn			Northkeep
Ldy Vivaine Tarnfaalk			HE Axel			Elfsea
Weelan					Sir Hildebrand		western region
Cen. Wilhelm von Buch			HE Bear			Stargate
Ld William 				HE Henri		Rivertree
Ld Wolf Waldengangr			HG Jonathon		Lindenwood

Hope everyone will make a point to get to know these individuals, since
at some point in time they made a committment to furthering themselves
in our arts.

Sir Alexis LaBouche

p.s. to those encouraging me to get off my 'buttowski' I will be taking
Don Wolfgang Von Dem Hoffen as my squire at Stargate Baronial.  Hope to
see you there!
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