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James Crouchet jtc at
Mon Aug 10 15:21:10 PDT 1998

Ok, here are some numbers for a bus.

If we went on a normal sized bus we would be looking at $50-$60, 
round trip. The cargo space should be plenty for those staying in 
cabins, but will not be enough if we have a lot of pavillions and 
such going.

If we want a larger bus we would be looking at ~$70-$75 with much 
more cargo space. We still might not be able to just bring everything 
we can think of, but if we pack reasonably it should be enough. We 
might want a backup plan for our extra cargo just in case.

Because the GW will start on TUESDAY this year, we would need to 
leave for GW on Monday. My preference would be to start back Sunday 
afternoon (perhaps with a stop in Lafayette for cajun food) but that 
would not put the last of us (you Dallas guys) home until midday 
Monday. That would mean we would have to take *6* days off work to 
make the bus trip. If we wanted to get back on Sunday we would have 
to leave for home late Saturday. 

With a bus you don't have to pay as soon, so we could pay 4 months in 
advance (rather than 6). That would be in November.

Some of you have suggested fund raising activities. I am generally 
suspicious of such things in the SCA as the goal usually seems to be 
to get money from fellow SCAers. It's like taxing Peter to pay Paul. 
If you take one SCAer's money (money he would have used for SCA 
anyway) and put it on another SCAer's project, all you have done is 
trade the money from one pocket to another.

If you want to do fund raising, either get someone(s) outside the SCA 
to pay for the bus trip (donations, bake sale, etc.) or find a way to 
save on other SCA expenses in a way that does not take money from the 
SCA (like car pooling to an event) and apply the savings to the bus 

I will continue to update the numbers as I get more information.

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