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hey folks ... was traking a link to a celtic darkwave band i was referred
to (The Dryads) and stumbled onto a site that references "pagan rock
bands" ... thought i would pass it along for those interested in such
things ...

whoops ....

pardon a moment folks ... ARGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! .... this email client is 
driving me *MAD* (granted it was a very short drive ....).  looks fine in the 
edited copy, but the URL's get stripped out under certain circumstances 
when sent ... annoying, very annoying!  ... but we'll try again

try this one ...  

which in turn led to a couple of excellent online music vendors:

an excellent source for gothic and darkwave ... found the Dryad's here

(found the entire Horslips catalog here ... happy happy joy joy !!!!)


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... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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