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Tue Aug 11 05:39:42 PDT 1998

Don't know if you looked into this as an option, but have you spoken to the
bus rental place about 'donating' the bus travel to the SCA as a tax
write-off?  Since we are non-profit education any donations to the SCA are
tax-deductable, so it IS possible they may be interested.  If this is the
case the cost is rather moot.  Note that a current officer would have to do
the actual paperwork for this to be valid.

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> If you want to do fund raising, either get someone(s) outside the SCA
> to pay for the bus trip (donations, bake sale, etc.) or find a way to
> save on other SCA expenses in a way that does not take money from the
> SCA (like car pooling to an event) and apply the savings to the bus
> trip.

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