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Tue Aug 11 08:24:17 PDT 1998

Vivat to our new Steppes Artisan, Corwin Mag Eoin! May he create new and
great things all of his life!

I would like to thank everyone that came to our event! At last count of
our receipts we had approximately 171 of you all there having fun,
feasting, dancing, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. There were 41
Artisans at last count. All of them with wondrous things new-comer and
old-comer alike, it was hard to tell sometimes who were the veterans and
who were the newcomers! All the artisans had the greatest of their
treasures on display! There was even an impromptu lecture being offered
informally by Ludovico, to anyone who would sit by him, on using a ship's
compass, which he made himself. Found out high noon in Dallas is around
1:17pm! J 

Our set up crew were there at 7am and had the hall set up in a record 30
minutes. They all stayed and cleaned up at the end of the event too!
Kalida ran a gate smoothly and happily. Annabel entertained our youth and
ran a wonderful a&s for them. Eleyne and her family deClairmont cooked all
week for that wonderful edible period feast. Our treasures, the Children
of the Steppes, decided to serve us the feast and Pipen gave a rousing
toast to Baron Edwin on his 5th anniversery. Robin recited a beautiful
sonnet for our Lady Isabel (sp) on her 66th birthday and 26th  anniversery
of being in the SCA. Samual the Piper brought out the best in Ansteorran
music with live members playing the most beautful serenades all day and
all night. I wish I had more than just thanks to give. But I do ask that
any and all who are running a future event to give the Ansteorran Musicans
a spacious place to sit and play. Offer them water frequently and if you
can comp or discount the price for them into your event. It is worth every
moment of soothing ear candy and vivacious trumpteting processions!
Dancing by Phillip went into the night until the musicans could no longer
stay awake. More thanks will come in the Steppes Letter later this month.
But all must know that there was one individual that made this event
happen a lot easier for me than I thought it would, Borek. If you see him
thank him. Take a large tip from me if you all will, go to the previous
autocrat and quiz them until they tell you to go away! It will make life
much easier to know the little quirks of a site and the surronding lay of
the land to fill your needs. 

The Barony of the Steppes is full of life and vigor and many volunteers
that just say "where do you need me, let me do this for you", even after
they have told me that they will not have the time to do it, there they
are doing it anyway! Life is good in Ansteorra!

Thank you all,
Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio
autocrat of Steppes Artisan XI,
House Pegasus

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