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Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Wed Aug 12 09:26:20 PDT 1998

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

I know it's a fools errand, but I'm going to attempt to explain food and 
wine to a German.  You may recall that, in a recent thread about 
ill-constructed German homes, der Ritter Dieterich said:

>The French and the Italians will move in and the entire
>neighborhood will be kaput.  Public pools, speed bumps, coin-op gothic
>laundrymats, and dagoes and frogs cooking out on their front lawns in
>nothing but their skivvies.  

"Public pools" sounds like the invention of someone who does *not* have 
access to the ocean--possibly a German.  I cannot comment on speed bumps 
or gothic laundrymats, but if their Gothic, they certainly have nothing 
to do with Languedoc.  

As for lounging around in my skivvies, well, I've yet to hear any of the 
ladies complain.

>You don't really want to have Lionardo
>Acquistipace and  Sir Lyonel hopped up on lambrusco in your front yard
>arguing over who'll win the world cup or whose barbequed snails taste
>better, do you???!!

I'm not sure what a world cup is, but it sounds like something you drink 
Lambrusco from.  I, however, am not particularly fond of the wines of 
Modena (or any other Italian beverage, for that matter).  Perhaps the 
good Ritter meant Merlot or Grenache.

As for snails, one does not properly barbecue escargot.  The flesh is 
too delicate.  One simmers them for three hours over a very low flame in 
a melange of garlic, fromage blanc, fresh cream, celeriac, pine kernels, 
parsley, chives, salt, and olive oil.

Ah, I see it's time for lunch.

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

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