ANST - Wine and escargot

Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Wed Aug 12 13:59:04 PDT 1998

Dennis Grace wrote:
> As for snails, one does not properly barbecue escargot.  The flesh is
> too delicate.  One simmers them for three hours over a very low flame in
> a melange of garlic, fromage blanc, fresh cream, celeriac, pine kernels,
> parsley, chives, salt, and olive oil.
> Ah, I see it's time for lunch.
> lo vostre por vos servir
> Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Hmm, being the Well Traveled German Gentleman that I am, I must
ponder.....would it be possible to perhaps make a decent sausage from

Graf Galen

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