ANST - Wine and escargot

Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Wed Aug 12 14:17:29 PDT 1998

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

In response to my critique of Sir Dieterich's assumption that one would 
barbecue snails, Graf Galen ponders:

>Hmm, being the Well Traveled German Gentleman that I am, I must
>ponder.....would it be possible to perhaps make a decent sausage from

I knew my German Cozyns--long deprived of anything remotely similar to 
food--would have trouble with this concept, but there are actually 
numerous ways of preparing meats, most of which are preferable to 
chopping them up and stuffing them into an intestine. Amazing though it 
may sound to a Rhinelander, it is actually possible to prepare meats 
that can be eaten without first smothering them in mustard.


lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace, Capitan
Bryn Gwlad
Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
		--AElfric of York

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