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I can't check it out, I barely have time to check my e-mail these days.
Someone else will have to get the honors for making this deal happen I'm

Please, don't let something like this become "I thought HE/SHE was taking
care of it", if you are able to try please do.  It has been my experience
that multiple requests are better than none at all.

This same idea (tax write-off for donation) goes a REAL LONG way for the SCA
and I note we don't seem to use it much in Ansteorra.  It could be used to
get sites, travel, equipment, textiles, and most anything else the GROUP
will be using.  I stress group because it needs to be applied to everyone.
An example of textiles might be for a baronial banner, or loaner garb that
has no ownership, or even for auction at events as long as the proceeds go
to the local group.  Anything donated can't be for a single person.
Generally anyone can get donations, but any receipts need to be signed by an
Officer of the local group and in some cases you will need the tax-exempt
ID# of the SCA.  Records of the transaction need to go to the treasurer.

> > the bus rental place about 'donating' the bus travel to the SCA as a tax
> > write-off?
> No, but feel free to check that out. This bus thing isn't "mine,
> mine, all mine"

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