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Jerry Herring therring at
Sun Aug 16 12:03:51 PDT 1998

Greetings once again,

Please forgive me for this but I feel jilted a little. In an attempt to
promote what I thought was a good idea I have written to the both the
Ansteorran and the Northern regional list recently. I was asking for people
to share stories about the Kingdom, our history, bardic pieces, or even
Personal stories...and not a single person out there has replied to those
requests. This has really made me think about why we have a mailing list if
it is not to share our knowledge, our humor, or history.

Did I not ask politely enough? Does nobody care to share those types of
things? With all the skilled bards, all the skilled and wonderful people who
are in the SCA, and all of those people who have experienced our rich past I
would think that they would revel in the opportunity to share that with us.
I would think that since this organization was based on learning and
teaching and enjoying the dream that sharing our experiences would be a good
thing...obviously everyone else reading my posts do not feel the same way,
or do they...

If you are out there and you have a bardic story, or a song or a poem, a
little anecdote about our past, or a story about your persona please share
it. Make our experience richer by sharing with us...If you have a piece of
knowledge about some aspects of medieval life share that. Teach us about our
past and about each other so that we can share it with all those who will
follow us, and we can be made richer from the knowing.

I want to thank you for allow me this time and space to express myself and I
hope to hear from those that read this and share and learn with them.

In Quest of the dream,


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