ANST - Ansteorran History?

Jerry Herring therring at
Sun Aug 16 13:59:12 PDT 1998

Thank you all for the replies, I certainly understand and appreciate all
your council. I hope you and the others can understand that the request was
not done just for me, but for all of the people playing who haven't shared
in the riches of our past or who can't make it to a lot of events. I was
hoping to sponsor some really good postings for everyone to read not just
for me.

I see the mailing list as a great venue for sharing information but most of
the postings I see are announcements. There is nothing wrong with using it
for announcements. The is just so much more the list can do. Couldn't we,
shouldn't we make it something more? I have seen it be a public forum and I
have seen people use it to tell about an event they just attended and those
were some of the best emails in my opinion that have been received from this

I understand people have other lives outside the SCA and that many people
are away at Pensic. When they return I am sure there will be the usual
replies from ones that answer my emails with some wonderful stories to ones
that express some displeasure with my methods. I would have made my requests
personally to some people in an attempt to not make this a Kingdom wide
issue, but what I was hoping for as a wide variety of replies from people
all over the kingdom. We will  just have to wait and see what comes from the
questions and comments of one man. If I inspired or inflamed. My intent was
the former not the later.

Still Questing,

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