ANST - You were at Pennsic too long if...

John Ruble ulf at
Wed Aug 19 08:01:11 PDT 1998

I saw this on the Aethelmearc mailing list.  Thought some of you might 
find it appropriate.

Top Ten Ways to know you have been at Pennsic too long.

10) You don't flush your toilet for a week
  9)  Hand Dryers in rest stops scare you
  8)  You move things away from your bedroom walls when it rains
  7)  You try to haggle in a 7-11
  6)  You give your address as "On the Old Tuchux Hill"
  5)  You take your own alcohol to bars and give it to the patrons
  4)  You nearly burn down your house at dusk because of 10 lit tikki 
torches in your kitchen
  3)  Phones seem evil
  2)  You rediscover pockets like a kid in a candy store.

And the top Way to know you have been a Pennsic too long...

  1) You follow fire-engines with a flagon at your side and a dombec 
under your arm

Sven Av Kugstaad.
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