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Thu Aug 20 08:33:14 PDT 1998

Sir burke wrote:
> YES it is now Baron Sir Gunthar Jonsson

Congratulations to Baron Gunthar!

Having two prefixed titles like that is called "title stacking"
(by those who call it anything) and appears to be non-period.
The period practice would be to use the much higher title
alone, Baron.  In the SCA in Ansteorra (it differs by
kingdom) the knighthood outranks (barely) the court barony,
so a priori it'd be Sir Gunthar.

The *real* answer is "Hey, Gunthar!  Congrats!  It was well-
deserved.  Say, how do you want to be addressed -- Baron
Gunthar, Sir Gunthar, plain ol' Gunthar, ...?".

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