ANST - Ansteorran Court at Pennsic (fwd)

Ward, Christie ward at
Thu Aug 20 09:00:03 PDT 1998

Burke McCrory said something that sounded like:
> Lord Mithyes (sp?) - AQR
> Lord Karl Tarlson - AOA
> Lady Marion of the Rose - AOA
> Centurion Mu of Samarkand - Star of Merit
> Sir Gunthar Jonsson - Baron of the Court    YES it is now Baron Sir
> Jonsson

And Pug added:
>HL Damaris of Greenhill - Crane
>Lady Thyra - Crane
>Ryssa - Iris of Merit
>HL Corinne Drake of Rivertree - Announcement of elevation to Order of
the Laurel at Stargate

I should like to also add one to that list:

Alanna of Tallaght - Iris of Merit

Alanna is one of my apprentices, and a Textile Goddess.  I'm very proud
of her!


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