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Thu Aug 20 21:27:34 PDT 1998

> Sir burke wrote:
> > YES it is now Baron Sir Gunthar Jonsson
> Congratulations to Baron Gunthar!
> Having two prefixed titles like that is called "title stacking"
> (by those who call it anything) and appears to be non-period.
> The period practice would be to use the much higher title
> alone, Baron.  In the SCA in Ansteorra (it differs by
> kingdom) the knighthood outranks (barely) the court barony,
> so a priori it'd be Sir Gunthar.
> The *real* answer is "Hey, Gunthar!  Congrats!  It was well-
> deserved.  Say, how do you want to be addressed -- Baron
> Gunthar, Sir Gunthar, plain ol' Gunthar, ...?".
> Daniel de Lincolia

Daniel, we can always crib something from sca-cooks, and use
what would be just about right for a (former) pig farmer, anyway:

"Hey, Papa Gunther!"

(Well, it actually *does* fit -- the master of a Swedish freehold, i.e.
pig farm, would be roughly equivalent to a back-country Baron. And 
a goodly portion of his "subjects" would no doubt be relatives...)

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