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Fri Aug 21 22:11:50 PDT 1998

On 19 Aug 98, at 16:27, Keith L. Hood wrote:

> Lord Wolf:
> So far I haven't seen any Mongol style war-legal bows, just the recurve or
> longbow types.  Believe me, I'd love to find a place that does them and if
> I do I'll be sure to post it.
> I'll look around and see what I can dig up in the way of references.

last time i ran into them was it Dragonfest (a yearly pagan thing up 
colorado way) a couple years back, carried by Royka (sp?) - a rather 
infamous weapons dealer from the area.  at the time, he mentioned it was a 
prototype for a soon to be produced commercial offering ... solid fiberglass, 
35#, traditional mongol recirve style, reasonably priced.  lost contact with 
him and was never able to follow it up ...
would be *nice* addition to the 75# wood / fiberlass traditional oriental 
recurve (korean manufacture ... ) that i need to work with some more this 

anyone out there know any good references to building recurves via the 
wood / fiberlass laminate process ???? 


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