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Pug Bainter pug at
Sun Aug 23 14:19:28 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  This is a reminder of some of the changes that the Ansteorran list is
  under that other lists are not. The reason for this reminder is due to
  increased numbers of articles that are hitting these filters and thus
  not being posted to the list. There are also a very large number of
  articles that are just barely under the threshold for the filters and
  are just squeaking by.

  The recent changes to the charter for the list are:

  o Personal responses to messages should be kept to a minimum on the list.
    By default, the mail will return to the mailing list, so before sending
    the message, try to decide if it is of interest to the entire list.
    If you want a personal response, please include your email address in
    the message since some mail gateways will remove this information
    automagickally.  (Despite how against internet "standards" this is.)
  o While it is great to give someone word fame for their actions or
    words, it is inappropriate to mention that they should receive an
    award or to question why they have been denied an award.
  o If you wish to call someone to task for an action they committed,
    talk to the individual or those who know them. Do not try to use
    public humiliation to motivate them into action.
  o Do not spread "ugly" rumors here. Even if you think you know it with
    100% certainty, do not bring it here as it is inappropriate.
  o Do not mention or insinuate that someone has performed an illegal
    act that they have not been convicted of. It is up to the courts to
    decide if they are guilty or not. Wait for their decision.
  o If there is an investigation or trial going on, do not mention it
    here or ask for help regarding it *unless* you are acting with the
    courts permission and/or authority. (ie. investigating officer,
    prosecuting or defending attorney, etc) If you are acting with the
    courts authority, simply ask for those who know them to contact
    you. Do not state what the suspected charges are.
  o Do not intentionally mail bomb the list or any of its members. This
    includes, but is not limited to, repetitive messaging, large
    undesired messages, and java/html/etc programs. These people are
    your friends and family, please treat them as such.
  o Bouncing email will be dealt with such that: those members of the
    main list who bounce email for more than one hour will be moved to
    the digest version; those members of the digest list who bounce
    email for more than one digest will be removed; those members of
    both lists who bounce email for more than one hour will be removed
    from both lists.
  o Proper editing of your message should be done before sending it to
    the list. This includes editing out old information that is
    not relevant as well as editing the list trailer. (ie. Go to
    http://lists. ...)

  In addition to the above, the Estrella incident is not allowed to be
  discussed due to the potential for ugliness and the personal
  attachment associated to it of the posters.

  I thank you for your time and adherence to the above guidelines.

In Service,

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