ANST - cannons? Pennsic?

Scot Eddy seddy at
Mon Aug 24 01:11:20 PDT 1998

HE Octavia mentioned that...
  >The mountain conferderation had brought a small tenis ball shooting        		   
  >Well, It didn't work as the had hoped, it only shoot about 20ft.

Does this mean that cannons are allowed on the battlefield? Of course 
it would be dangerous to have any sort of combustible propellant, but 
what if surgical tubing could be made to work? I dream of a "siege 
engine" that could be made to zero in reliably and accurately. Add 
sound and smoke makers... OK maybe not, but wouldn't it be cool!

I would like to know whether this is legal or not. It sure looks like 
it since someone used it at Pennsic. 

Grace and Peace,

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