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D Whitford horoun at
Mon Aug 24 10:06:44 PDT 1998

Keith Hood wrote:
> >Allow me to bring up an important point here:
> >
> >Our armor standards for rapier are not designed to go up against
> >archers.  If one of those arrows hit, it's gonna hurt like hell.
> >
> There are ways to make real soft arrowheads.  The Amtgard people use
> Nerf balls on arrows and most of them probably wear even less in combat
> than SCA rapier fighters.  How about something like that?
>       Tomonaga
In rapier we have used marklands for several years and they are not that
bad unless archers choose to ignore minimal ranges. Thistle missles and
baldar blunts on the other had tend to hit to hard based on our
experiments and the biggest fear was a throat impact. The previously
stated marklands are fine I've been hit by them many times, it is a
suprise at the initial hit but not bad.
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