ANST - Mongol Bows

Ward, Christie ward at
Mon Aug 24 14:11:52 PDT 1998

Tomonaga asked about Mongol-style, war-legal bows.

At Pennsic, Damaris and I spotted one - a beautiful 30 lb
Scythian/Mongol style bow.  It was a hand-made piece with the
double-articulated limbs, and as I recall was priced at $300.  We got
the card for the folks who are selling it, and they told us that they,
in turn were fronting them for the guy who makes 'em.

We'll have to check the stack of business cards when we get home, but I
know for certain that I have the merchant's business card and that it
has "Mongol Bow" written on it so I wouldn't forget who they were.


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