ANST - Combat Archery

harry billings psobaka at
Mon Aug 24 18:54:21 PDT 1998

The manufactered heads (Baldars, Thistles and Morakas) are NOT allowed in
the (light) rapier melees. Made up arrows (Ansteorran War Arrows, Marklands
and such are, that includes those made up on fiberglass. It is the head that
determines if an arrow is leagle on the (light) rapier field.
Fiberglass shafts have been approved by the SCA for crossbows. They have NOT
yet been approved by Ansteorra. One of the things that I have to test yet.
Sir Karl must approve of the persons being shot. Any one want to be a target
let me and Sir Karl know and we can try to get together at Gothic.
Being a target means you stand at or near min. range and let me shoot you
with leagle arrows/bolts and with new/expermintal arrows/bolts, 4  or 5
times with each. I get to shoot till my fingers get tired, my fingers don't
get tired they like shooting.
Plachoya Sobaka a humble archer in Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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