ANST - Fox and the laptop

Fox Anton Purtill fpurtill at
Wed Aug 26 06:06:33 PDT 1998

I've already replied and taken care of this, appologies for being a bit
slow, was in Caid visiting the my homelands for the last week.  My steed is
VERY tired indeed (and travel by land is quite fun).  However, due to the
circumstances that have affected his Lordship Marrock, the notebook is once
again available for sale and barter (latest bid was a 6GB IDE hard drive and

Fox Anton Purtill - Karin Höijer-Purtill
blackfox at     khoijer at
House Starblade -
   (H) 512-821-3205 - (W) 512-425-9732

> Would the gentle with the laptop who had been e-mailing my husband please
> give him a phone call?  His computer has died a gruesome death and is
> needing to speak with you.
> For Lord Marrock Wild Hair,
> Lady Rowan ni Coerc
> Seneschal, Barony of Northkeep
> Tulsa, OK
> rebecca-luehrs at

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