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Wed Jul 1 04:44:12 PDT 1998

At 10:46 PM 6/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>My lord (whose interest is the history and philosophy of science -
>basically how cultures affect science and vice versa) and I (elementary
>teacher by training and desire with some exposure to gang influences on
>children/teens) have often had a similar discussion comparing modern gangs
>with Scottish (being the most well-known example) clans.   I have also
>wondered at how well the SCA would work as a sort of rehabilitation group
>for gang members (past and present).

It *might* work, with some gang members, if done slowly and carefully.
OTOH, I expect some gang members are irredemable "feral humans" who can't
be saved/rescued.

I've been told by fairly reliable sources that there are a couple of
high-ranking knights in the Outlands who were borderline "hoodlums" until
they found the SCA. I've also heard from the rumor mill that that's how the
Tuchux started--a New York street gang that decided this medieval combat
stuff looked like fun.

	-Tivar Moondragon

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