ANST - How to involve young folk: Was tangent on rider/warrior thread

ulrica ulrica at
Wed Jul 1 07:25:56 PDT 1998

Hi All....On the subject of involving gang members...

I taught emotionally disturbed junior high kiddoes for 5 years.  I had good
luck with involving several of them with our group.  Many of them lacked
appropriate role models and were really just looking for something that they
could receive attention for.  Several still play around the country...

Now to take that one step further:

Ampgard is killing us out here on recruiting the teenagers.  Is this
happening other places?  Their whole group is basically young and
enthusiastic.  They can fight and feel lots of ownership in their group.  I
think we, as a whole, are really letting our teenagers down when it comes to
finding, holding, and doing things to get and keep them involved.  Opinions

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