ANST - ADMIN: More changes in policy...

Alexis drwise at
Wed Jul 1 10:03:35 PDT 1998

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Good Morning,
>   The Ansteorran list is no longer "open" nor "free".
>   An additional change in policy today is the fact that those
>   individuals who post inappropriately will be sent a form letter
>   telling them to please stop.

Greetings from Sir Alexis LaBouche:
There goes Pug again, you make him Honorable and it goes to his head! 
Seriously, I for one applaud the fact that we [through Pug] are finally
addressing some of the rampant abuse of the Ansteorran page.  I say
abuse because it is inconsiderate in the extreme to impose on everyone's
time just to air out your laundry.  While I don't want to take away
anyone's soapbox (since I value mine too much), just looking at the
volume of mail generated by some people that is minimally related to
what the SCA is supposed to be about (as opposed to who did what to
whom), it is clear that steps need to be taken to limit the burden some
individuals have placed on the list.  Whether the steps implemented are
the best course only time will tell, but I say let's at least give them
a try and see if we like the results.

On a completely unrelated note (so as to limit the number of posts that
I put up), What emphasis do people place on wearing "real" armor.  It
has long been the standard in Ansteorra to wear minimum armor, i.e. cops
and kidney belt.  Do people prefer to see armored fighters, or just look
up to see who is left standing?  On the issue of image, non-sca'ers
think of excalibur and full plate, but when they get to an event they
see duct tape.  Any thoughts on this?  It seems there are a number of
fighters who are planning on wearing more period armor, but will this
change if they don't tear up the tourney circuit?  Just curious as I
plug away on the chainmail shirt.

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