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Laury Torrence J-LTorrence at
Wed Jul 1 00:10:05 PDT 1998

Horoun wrote:
> The idea could have merit if in any of the areas(arts fighting sevice)
> the established outstanding individuals in some of these areas(ie
> chiefs) would play the mentor role(don't have to be peers),but it would
> have to be on a small scale or it could turn into a VERY big stink cloud
> if even the smallest problem happened at the wrong time. Additionally it
> would have to be modified to fit a given areas specific demographics.

Hmmmmm.....that would be a workable plan.  Although you are absolutely
correct in it being kept on a small scale, and the demographic thing.  There
are kids out there who we would have absolutely NO way of understanding
culturally.  It's just not possible to "walk in their shoes", and so would have
to have some sort of interface with a social services entity of some sort.
You would also need to have *very* dedicated individuals who would be
willing to be responsible.  Maybe a sort of "Corps d' Ecole", an educational
"Household", working with small groups at a time, say 4 - 6, with enough 
of those "responsible" parties to be one-on-one with all of the "beginners"?
Anyone else want to jump in on this one?

HE Caterina
je suis le tenebreux

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