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Wed Jul 1 05:52:27 PDT 1998

Chris and Elisabeth Zakes wrote:snippet -

>   I have also >wondered at how well the SCA would work as a sort of
> rehabilitation group >for gang members (past and present).

another snippet -

> OTOH, I expect some gang members are irredemable "feral humans" who can't
> be saved/rescued.
>         -Tivar Moondragon

I agree that some are lost and probably will not be brought back into
"society."  What if we tried to help before they became gang members?  I'm sure
there are many kids out there that are border line.  Maybe if we went through an
organization like Big Brothers/Sisters, there would be a better chance of
preventing the whole gang thing.  School counselors would be a great way to
point kids toward the SCA into a "mentoring program."  That would also take some
parental involvement, which I believe many gang members don't have.

Just a thought.

Branwen (no special fonts today) de Baecestre

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