ANST - natural dyeing ... reds & purples

jhartel jhartel at
Wed Jul 1 02:47:14 PDT 1998

Raven asked: 
> how do you use either the bug or the cactus to dye with?

I bought my cochineal from DHARMA dyeing company. They come all dries
out in a nice plastic bag.  I just put some in one of those balls used
to make teas in, or I have made a small cotton bag and put themin it. 
Then I throw the entire thing in a pot and boil for a while.  I reduce
the temp under 180* (candy thermometers are great for this) and put my
wool in.  The richness of the colour depends on how long you leave your
woolin and which mordants you have pre-mordanted your wool in. 

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