ANST - ADMIN: More changes in policy...

Pug Bainter pug at
Wed Jul 1 07:29:54 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  The Ansteorran list is no longer "open" nor "free".

  An additional change in policy today is the fact that those
  individuals who post inappropriately will be sent a form letter
  telling them to please stop.

  What is inappropriate?

  1) "Too much" included text from previous messages or intentionally
     trying to bypass the filters. (These will be simply dropped in
     the bit-bucket after the form letter is sent.)
  2) What should have been private missives.
  3) What is considered too far off topic.
  4) Posting privately sent email publicly.

  Those individuals that continue to abuse these privileges will be
  removed from the mailing list. Users will not get any notification
  that they have been removed beyond the form letter. If they continue
  misbehavior after their first removal, they will be rejected from all
  mailing lists hosted at Ansteorra.ORG. Other appropriate actions may
  be taken depending on circumstances.

  Yes, these guidelines are completely and utterly arbitrary and at *my*

  This has been sent to all of the individuals who have left the list
  recently after publicly stating that these were part of the reasons
  that they left.

  I hope that we can now be encouraged to be continue more discussions
  related to the SCA and Ansteorra. Fortunately there has been good
  discussions that have came out of this. Unfortunately the circumstances
  that forced the issue shouldn't have occurred nor gone on as long as I
  allowed. (That'll teach me to have patience and tolerance.)

  I am sorry that the status of the list has degraded to the point that
  I have been forced to do this.

In Service,

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