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Laury Torrence J-LTorrence at
Wed Jul 1 10:10:02 PDT 1998

> Ulrica wrote:
> I am a school counselor and I would have to think VERY carefully about that.
> It is a major committment from the men and ladies involved.  You have to
> sign up for like 2 years and agree to see your student once a
> week...providing all the $$ involved.  I set them up all the time thru that
> agency and the vast majority don't last six months before throwing up their
> hands.  Don't mean to be a wet blanket, just truthful.

This is exactly what I was speaking of last night when I said that implementation
of *any* type of mentoring program would be difficult.  We all start out with the
"best of intentions" but either lose interest, or run out of patience (in some cases).
We tend to forget that playing in the SCA can be an expensive hobby.  And to
take on a second person is in some cases, not a doable thing. Maybe an alter-
native would be a summer program, or a school-year only program?  Just thinking
out loud!  Anyone else want to help us save the world?!

HE Caterina

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