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Wed Jul 1 10:27:53 PDT 1998

Ulrica wrote:

> Ampgard is killing us out here on recruiting the teenagers.  Is this
> happening other places?  Their whole group is basically young and
> enthusiastic.  They can fight and feel lots of ownership in their group.  I
> think we, as a whole, are really letting our teenagers down when it comes to
> finding, holding, and doing things to get and keep them involved.  Opinions
> anyone?

Oh boy! You asked!! Ampgard has been alternately a thorn in our sides, and a
helpmeet with PR.  I can't tell you how many times I get asked: "Oh, are you
the folks who chase around Pease Park?"  After gaining control of my temper,
and uncrossing my eyes, I explain they are basically a "live" D&D game.  We
don't have elves and fairies, we don't use magic, and we pad our people, not
our weapons.
 I have known many folks who played both Ampgard *and* SCA,
and they usually tend to drift off into one direction or the other eventually.  The
other trick with Ampgard, is it's a lot more affordable since they are a "fantasy"
group, it's not as expensive to make up your garb.  A lot of the stuff can be
purchased at re-sale shops (like goodwill) and don't need to be even remotely
historically accurate.
Most of the teens I have met in the SCA, have been playing either all their
lives or for a significant part of them.  They tend to stick around, since they
know they'll be able to fight when they reach their majority (or a bit earlier with
parental consent), and actively participate in other aspects of our group.  I hold
up the Moondragon children as shining examples of children raised in the SCA.
There are plenty of others as well, we seem to be blessed with them here in
Bryn Gwlad!
Well, here I am writing social commentary again!  One of these days I'll quit.........

HE Caterina
je suis le tenebreux

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