ANST - How to involve young folk- attn Legal Eagles and Parents

ulrica ulrica at
Wed Jul 1 10:09:37 PDT 1998 a parent I get to reply, right?

My son is 13.  He is also already bigger than alot of the grown men I see
fighting.  My lord and his backyard fighter friends have often let him in
armor and say he has some real potential.  But I can't tell you how
frustrated he is that he has to wait soooo long to be "official."  (Actually
I think I will ask him to post himself and why don't we all ask our
teenagers to do the same?)

So far we have been thru concussions from baseball, broken and bruised from
football, and athlete's foot from basketball.  He would much rather fight
than do ANY of those things...I would support any efforts to bring fighting
in for their level.


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