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Wed Jul 1 13:02:45 PDT 1998

> Ritter Dieterich wrote:
 <heavily edited to reduce excess stuff>
 (sorry I deleted a bit too much) I have a letter to the
> KKM, the KS and the Crown with a proposal on beginning a boffer tourney
> system for our young people.  If any of you parents out there would like to
> give your children another reason to come to events besides toting, setting
> up, tearing down, and doing cut-and-paste heraldry with the five-year-olds,
> let me know.

What a splendid idea!!  I know a few of us "Auntie's" who would enjoy playing
with them as well!!  I don't know about the kids, but some of the activites (or lack
thereof) seem a bit dull to me, I would think they would be to the kids as well.
We've been pretty lucky here ( BG) to have MoC's who are pretty creative, and
check out "period" type stuff for them to do.

> This may require petitions or surveys or I-don't-know-what.  I
> have no clue what type of response this is going to get, but I see the same
> gaping hole that Ulrica does and I'd like to try to do something about it.

You'd probably want to do some polling in the Kingdom at large, and for sure
a survey to each MoC for input.  I would think that would be where you would
get your best respondants.

> Also, how do you parents feel about it?  The basic system is height based
> rather than age (but you have to be at least eight).  Any input on how best
> to write up proposed rules (which I expect I'll be doing) would be welcomed.

Not sure about parents (being an Aunt instead), but I think it would be fun for
everyone who wanted to participate.  I have a question about the height based
part though.....would they not be allowed to participate if under a certain height
(understanding that some of us were small for our age), or just divided in groups
by height?  Best of luck with this!  I think it's a wonderful idea!

HE Caterina
je suis le tenebreux

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