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Tim Lozos dentim at
Wed Jul 1 11:18:46 PDT 1998


The dashingly handsome, incredibly suave, and exceedingly modest Sir
Dieterich penned.....

>citizens took their kids out to THEIR OWN BOFFER TOURNEY FIELD!  They had
>their own armor, their own weapons, and displayed their own arms. 

What kind of armor was worn? and what exactly were the weapons?

> "Now, why is it
>that Ansteorran youths don't have anything this cool to do?"

I remember one event that the kiddos fought with nerf swords, and one event
(Squires 2 years ago??) that they brought the winner of the Kid tourney into
court for a prize.......Why did we stop?

>A fellow Ansteorran who was standing nearby said, "Why, it's against either
>Texas state law or Oklahoma state law... not sure which... for kids to be
>involved in this type of full contact roughhousing.  I thought *everyone*
>knew that."

*snort* Yeah, right! Like any of their other regular activities *arent* full
contact. :)

>I have, right now, sitting on my hard drive, a letter for the new KMoC, the
>KKM, the KS and the Crown with a proposal on beginning a boffer tourney
>system for our young people.

If your looking for a petition dirve, I'll help. Heck, sign my kids up right

A good idea would be to make an outline sheet (proposed rules and regs, how
it's run in other kingdoms etc) and print up a few hundred to pass out at an
event. That would get some response quickly.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Not only for the fun
and other deversions in would give our children, but for the possible long
term aspects. Think about it. It's a great recruitment tool. Try telling a
15 year old that they have to wait 3 WHOLE YEARS to fight. Thats a liftime
to them. A boffer circuit would fill that void rather nicely. You also cant
ignore the fact that these 16-17 year-olds would be getting some great
training and could come out to the "Major leagues" with a good head on their
shoulders and a good wrap shot to yours.  :>)

However, IMHO, the biggest benefit would be that these kids would learn
honor and chivalry with a little help from their folks. Which would you
rather have your kids do, play in SCA combat, or play little league
baseball? (with all those crazy parents who scream at the coach, at their
kid, and everyone else)


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