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<<<Ampgard is killing us out here on recruiting the teenagers.  Is this
happening other places?  Their whole group is basically young and
enthusiastic.  They can fight and feel lots of ownership in their group.>>>

This is an interesting discussion.

I have had several Ampgard and other LARP players in my sewing client list.
Most are under 25.  From working with them, I get the impression that it is
the fantasy that draws them to those groups more than the SCA.  They want more
escapism and fantasy play than historical re-creation.  

Most of them have only been to Ampgard events and Renfair.  They have never
been to an SCA event.  I took 2 friends from college who are into the
LARP/Renfair scene to SCA events, and they weren't impressed.  They felt like
"spectators".  That, and it was not fantasy-based, so it was not their
"thing".  (Some people are really into the fantasy roleplaying stuff).  There
were "too many rules" (Meaning, that their personas, dress, and behavior had
to follow somewhat closely the lines of pre-1600's Humans).

I also have known some young men who were fascinated with SCA combat, but went
to Ampgard because they could fight at their age, or because they need not get
together expensive armor, or because it hurts a LOT less to get whacked with a
boffer stick than a rattan sword.  (And the fantasy aspect of it too)

I think it is a twofold thing with teens and groups like that.

1.) The fantasy aspect of it.  

2.) The fact that a lot of teens play it, so teens generally are more
interested in playing with other teens.

In the SCA, you are either an adult or a kid.  There are childrens' activities
at events, but no real activities for teens.  There should be.  There is a
minister of children, and that is great for kids under about 14.  But the
older ones are pretty much stuck out.  
Basically "keep out of trouble kid" and it is left at that.  Unless they have
a guardian at an event, they cannot even be there, and oftentimes that
guardian is busy doing their own thing, and does not have the time to spend
with the teen.  

I was almost 20 when I first got interested in the SCA, so I don't know what
it is like for a young teen to be involved.

I guess the best thing would be to ask the teens what THEY want out of the

Ldy. Aurorae
Tracy R.
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