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>On a completely unrelated note (so as to limit the number of posts that
>I put up), What emphasis do people place on wearing "real" armor.  It
>has long been the standard in Ansteorra to wear minimum armor, i.e. cops
>and kidney belt.  Do people prefer to see armored fighters, or just look
>up to see who is left standing?

Personally I have always thoroughly enjoyed watching fighters who look
armored. I find it a beauty to watch Sir Emrys fight, no matter how
well he does on the field. Ritter Dietrich is always more interesting
to watch when he is wearing his armor than when he "slims down" to be
competitive. I think there is a lot to be said for the look and feel
of what is being done on the field to help create the atmosphere where
we can really showcase what we are all learning about history.

>  On the issue of image, non-sca'ers
>think of excalibur and full plate, but when they get to an event they
>see duct tape.  Any thoughts on this?  It seems there are a number of
>fighters who are planning on wearing more period armor, but will this
>change if they don't tear up the tourney circuit?  Just curious as I
>plug away on the chainmail shirt.

Well, I've never been one to place much emphasis on the "tourney
circuit". To win a tournament will certainly get you some prizes and
word-fame, but I always find those who make the effort to do something
special, trying for period armor, practicing period techniques,
offering ransoms on the field when yielding, etc., to be the folks who
really catch my attention. Those things provide so much ambience and
those people are the ones who really make it interesting for me. Those
are the folks who inspire me. Not everyone can win tournaments, and
those who cover themselves in as period a style of armor as they can
afford in the interest of providing that period look and learning
about the period feel/weight are truly to be commended, to my way of
thinking. They are the ones who help to progress our society and our
stated goals the most. For they are strong of heart and spirit no
matter how strong their performance on the field, and such things last
far longer than any single victory.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
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